Inner Access Introductory Course: Dreambuilder

“If a genie said to you that you could have whatever you want, or create whatever your heart desires, and that time and money were not a factor, what would you ask for?”

– “The Genie” Kabral Sharpe

If you would like to pursue the answer to this question, INNER ACCESS Dreambuilder is the key.

INNER ACCESS Dreambuilder is a unique seminar that propels you into a world of inner discovery, from which you design the blueprint, and plot the necessary course of action to make your dream take form in your life. Through a variety of exercises, interactive activities, and guided visualizations, participants will develop techniques that enable them to focus their vision and create a project that will shape their lives.

Through INNER ACCESS Dreambuilder you will:

  • Learn the secret tools to transform procrastination, fear and worry into massive action
  • Design a project that inspires and calls you to action
  • Leave the seminar with an actual plan as well as strategies to reach the completion of your project
  • Have an exciting opportunity to enroll in one on one coaching in the months ahead to provide you with support, guidance, insight and enthusiasm in making your vision a reality


Inner Access Advanced Course:
Higher Ground

There are certain principles and actions in life which serve as the foundation for all great endeavors. The implementation of these principles invariably takes one to Higher Ground. As you work these principles you can double or triple the speed at which you reach your goals. Increased balance, focus and spontaneous motivation will all become more habitual. You will begin to attract helpful resources, people, situations, and experience larger breakthroughs, greater productivity, and more flow in your life.

In this seminar you will:

  • Learn the number one way to make the power tools become automatic
  • Synchronize with the laws of attraction so that what you want shows up in your life
  • Find out the power of “Keeping Your Word”
  • Condition success so that it becomes your normal way of being
  • Model the action that enables you to be unstoppable
  • Discover how to release negative energy and be happy no matter what


Seminar Details:

  • Early registration by personal check must be submitted seven (7) days in advance of seminar
  • A $20 fee will be charged for returned checks
  • Registration by cash only on day of seminar
  • Special Introductory Offer: Included with payment is one complimentary consultation and one free coaching session


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