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April McNeil-Goff:
(Founder of Designer Cakes)

Working with “The Genie” and Inner Access has been a life changing experience for me. The Genie’s knowledge of business, prosperity principles, and people make him the best coach in the world. He is such a powerful source of inspiration and support that allows me to be who I am as I strive to reach my goals through a deeper spiritual understanding of what I am really capable of achieving. I have been able to conquer some of my biggest fears and overcome some of my biggest challenges through the work we have done. At times I was asked to go beyond what my ego was comfortable with but through trusting in the processes of the coaching I have been able to expand my ability to experience success and joy that I would have never otherwise known. In the midst of a “bad economy” combined with criticism and skepticism from family and friends I was able to take my small cake business from a one woman show renting space in someone else’s catering kitchen to opening a thriving retail location with a full staff. My revenues and profits have grown by over 500% over the course of one year, and this is only the beginning. I so look forward to the endless amounts of successes and joys that are still to come as I continue my coaching. Inner Access is completely committed to helping me achieve my dreams and goals as long as I am committed to doing the work.

Adam L:

My name is Adam. I work as a physician living in New York. I’ve worked with Inner Access for nearly 10 months now. I had never done any coaching before, and started off a little skeptical of the process. That said, I’ve definitely seen some amazing things happen over the past year. Professionally, my practice and reputation has grown tremendously, and we are currently seeing a doubling in revenue over the past year, with a 60% growth in my salary thus far, and we are now well into multi-million dollar status. I have cleared all personal debt ahead of schedule, and am well on my way to reaching my financial goals. Physically, I’ve gotten myself back into tremendous shape, and have lost 25 lbs. On the relationship end, I have opened myself much more to friends and family, and have seen those bonds grow in a very healthy, positive way. My sense of accomplishment is greater, and my goals seem both more ambitious and attainable. I think that the Genie is very successful in helping you to set weekly, monthly, and annual goals, and keeps you accountable to your campaign. He works with you to push forward in a balanced fashion. I actually feel that I’ve attained more by working less than in years past, but smarter in the ways I go about my day. The morning “Power Tools” are incredibly important to this process, and provide daily habits that keep you focused with intention. The next important thing is that he provides you a network of his resources and contacts that enable you to pursue those goals. I’ve found that my time with Inner Access to be a different kind of education, which has challenged and developed me in ways that are surprisingly different from my previous experiences. I would happily refer any of my friends to work with Inner Access, when they’re ready to make a commitment to themselves. This has been one of the best investments of my energies and resources. I only wish I had started coaching 10 years ago!

Lorenzo Lewis: (Entrepreneur And Speaker On Mental Health)
Inner Access has really changed my life.
When I first started, I was broken. Yet in my first three months with Inner Access coaching, I have tripled my income. I have made over fifty thousand dollars during that time and lost 12 pounds. I had always struggled with my weight being a big man and now I have consistent momentum to take care of my wellness. The coaches here are incredible. The core principles they are giving me has me feel like I can conquer anything in the world. I am so grateful to Inner Access. It has allowed me to become such a better person. I am on fire and so happy.

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