The Difference.

by admin on March 5, 2011

Today’s Word comes in the form of a short story about “The Difference.” The quote is followed by a short video clip to demonstrate the power of the words. To view the clip simply click on the link immediately after the quote. It goes as follows:

” Once upon a time, a large, rough samauri went to see a small, gentle monk, hoping to acquire the secrets of life. “Monk,” he said in a voice accustomed to total obedience. “Teach me about heaven and hell.”

The little monk looked up in silence. After a moment, the monk said with disdain, “Teach you about heaven and hell? I couldn’t teach you about anything. You’re dirty. You smell. Your blade is rusty. You’re a disgrace, an embarrassment to the samurai class. Get out of my sight at once, I can’t stand you!”

The samurai was furious. A red flush spread over his face as he began to shake with anger, speechless with rage. Quickly, he pulled out his sword and raised it above his head, preparing to kill the little monk with one swift blow.

“That’s hell,” said the monk.

The samurai was stunned. What compassion and surrender of this gentle man who had risked his life to give this teaching about hell. He slowly lowered his sword, filled with gratitude. For reasons he could not explain, his heart became suddenly peaceful, appreciative, and loving.

“And that’s heaven,” said the monk.

Source: Unknown

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